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To our great joy, an Algerian variety program was broadcasted from Paris during the last Ramadan. A first! We were so delighted! It was a very interesting initiative, but certainly not sufficient, for the reason that the daily life of the Algerian community in France deserves more consideration. Every body knows that it is the second most important community in France, after the European one of course. Besides, it's the oldest community; the first waves of immigrants go back to the beginning of the 20th century. This community is an irreplaceable economic and social branch in the French society, and thus deserves much more attention and consideration.

 he tragedy of this population is that it suffers a lot from the French media' s bad representation; they dare picture it in a derogatory way, and thus ends up in the miscellaneous column. To such a point that the media' s professionals used wrongly some words to talk about Algeria or its people such as: Terrorists, Violence, Clandestine .etc . These words gradually take a place in people' s mind and cause confusions from which Algerian overseas are often victims. To remedy this , the Algerian media should react and take up the challenge , by considering their fellow citizen' s realizations in France and overseas ( God knows how many they are! ) or their daily life as workers, managers, students and mothers, putting forward the courage, and the honest fight of these media' s forgotten who are fully Algerian yet. We have here a source of a great pride, a pride that we really need nowadays . Some gossips give lack of financial means as an excuse to that. The example of our Morocco and Tunisians neighbors who devote programs for their immigration communities deserves a reflection. It must call the 21 Blvd des Martyrs managers' attention.
" You must be aware of the Satellite TV Programs' great role. We have to distinguish ourselves from others, to assert oneself with respect to the constantly increasing flow of "entertainment, fiction and news" coming from the Arab countries; to catch the viewer attention and give a good picture of us. Make strategic choices gentlemen, and don't forget that the immigration' s credo is your biggest asset".

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